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  • PRP Hair Transplant

    Various modalities of hair loss treatment have been practiced in the modern medicine era. Surgical transplantation is one of the best ways to regrow hair on the balding patches. At the same time, there are also other modalities which are being used by doctors such as the PRP hair treatment. PRP is the abbreviated form of platelet rich bio solution. Besides, PRP, there are lots of drugs which are being used for hair loss treatment, such as minoxidil and some hormones. While the drugs and hormones may help in regrowth of the hair strands, these are not highly effective as has been observed in patients and through studies. Besides hair transplantation, one of the popular means is the PRP hair treatment, which has gained popularity in the recent times. People are getting aware about such a possibility and asking questions about what is PRP hair treatment. At the same time, they also put forth queries about PRP hair treatment cost. So, a visit to the PRP hair treatment clinic in Bhubaneswar would be the ideal way to learn more about this process of hair growth and get the best solutions from experts.

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