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Bad Hair Transplant Repair

  • Bad Hair Transplant Repair

    Often times the patients who undergo hair transplantation are happy with the results of fuller hair on the scalp and smarter looks. But, few of these patients get into the trouble of the procedures gone wrong. As a result, they land up with wide range of problems, which could be varied from one patient to another. At Radiance, we provide services of hair transplant in Bhubaneswar with utmost care and step wise procedures. Our expert transplant surgeons are well versed in repairing such hair weaving especially with the modern procedure of FUE or follicular unit extraction.

Facial Hair Transplant

  • Facial Hair Transplant

    Facial Hair Transplant is a highly advanced cosmetic procedure, available at Radiance Hair Clinic, for individuals with less or no hair on the face! It is basically a procedure where hair restoration is done in the parts on the face where the growth of hair is either minimal or completely lost. The team of Radiance Hair Clinics specializes in this treatment and can harvest follicles for your facial hair transplantation treatment.

Female Hair Transplant

  • Female Hair Transplant

    Have you tried out all the costly treatments, techniques, and medicines for getting rid of your baldness? Do you want to restore your natural looking hair with excellent thickness? Just like you, many other women and ladies are looking for the best and effective Female Hair Transplant In Bhubaneswar. For all of them, Radiance Hair Clinic is the right place to visit once! We have the team of most experienced, skilled, and reliable doctors and hair specialists for treating your premature baldness or greying of hair with the most advanced treatments and medicines.

fue hair transplant

  • Fue Hair Transplant

    Hair grafting is one of the most effective ways to grow back hair on balding scalp. Many people are aware about these possibilities and they try to learn more about as to how much is FUE hair transplant going to cost them. They also try to learn more about the hair follicle transplant methods and the specialists who are doing this in Odisha or in Bhubaneswar. In the present day scenario, FUE hair transplant is the commonest method and FUE denotes follicular unit extraction.

High Density Hair Transplant

  • High Density Hair Transplant

    In the normal modality of hair grafting, there is a specific number of strands which is fixed at the recipient area. For a normal transplantation procedure, there is the graft possibility of about 40 to 50 hair follicles, which would deem sufficient for the given person. But some clinics and hair transplant surgeons are also providing high density hair transplant these days, which is also an important service by the renowned doctors at Radiance Hair Clinics in Bhubaneswar. The idea behind the hi density hair transplant is to have more numbers of follicles put at a given point so that there is dense hair growth as a result of the transplantation. This is being opted by some people nowadays, with proper consultation and understanding the situation. In doing so, they get a lot of feedback and advice from the transplant surgeons. Going for the hi density hair transplant means that certain criteria need to be fulfilled. If the surgeon is having the right knowledge, then the assessment can be done when people demand this kind of hair transplant.

Post Hair Transplant

  • Post Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant surgery is one of the most delicate cosmetic procedures and if you are opting for this treatment or operation; staying abide by the pre and post-operative instructions is essential.

Pre Surgery Instruction

  • Pre Surgery Instruction

    If you are opting for a hair transplant surgery to get rid of your baldness and get back your natural hair; then the following instructions should always be carefully followed before the hair transplant surgery. If you’re unclear or unsure about any of the lessons, please feel free to contact the specialists at Radiance Hair Clinics – the best clinic for hair transplant and scalp treatments in Bhubaneswar.

PRP Hair Transplant

  • PRP Hair Transplant

    Various modalities of hair loss treatment have been practiced in the modern medicine era. Surgical transplantation is one of the best ways to regrow hair on the balding patches. At the same time, there are also other modalities which are being used by doctors such as the PRP hair treatment. PRP is the abbreviated form of platelet rich bio solution. Besides, PRP, there are lots of drugs which are being used for hair loss treatment, such as minoxidil and some hormones. While the drugs and hormones may help in regrowth of the hair strands, these are not highly effective as has been observed in patients and through studies. Besides hair transplantation, one of the popular means is the PRP hair treatment, which has gained popularity in the recent times. People are getting aware about such a possibility and asking questions about what is PRP hair treatment. At the same time, they also put forth queries about PRP hair treatment cost. So, a visit to the PRP hair treatment clinic in Bhubaneswar would be the ideal way to learn more about this process of hair growth and get the best solutions from experts.

What is Hair Transplant

  • What is Hair Transplant

    Fall of hair can occur from the scalp as well as other areas of the body, such as face, chest and pubic region. Such an issue can be resolved by putting in hair follicles from one part of the body at the site where fall has occurred. This is known as hair transplant and is a surgical procedure in which good quality hair from donor areas are implanted at the sites where hair fall has occurred, known as the recipient site. Although this is a recent development, still people are opting for this procedure because of the many advantages it provides.

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